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There is an immediacy involved in publishing magazines that makes it a perpetually exciting endeavour. Magazines are the places where current events of any field can be analyzed in depth, within a reasonable time period of relevancy. New products can be introduced in their pages to a wide audience quickly and with a stylish presentation.

We started at one of the premier film magazines in the country, Cinefantastique, and have since provided a number of different services for magazines, including the design and production of our own award-winning American Fantasy and the hobby quarterly, Kitbuilders.

Kitbuilders: When a new owner took over this specialty magazine in 2000, we were hired to do a complete redesign of the publication, creating a uniform look for departments, and columns, as well improving the look of the features. We designed and produced each quarterly issue for 3 years, plus all in-house advertising, promotional material, stationery, etc. and created the advertising, mailing material plus a simple webpage for their semi-annual Model & Toy Show. The parent company MojoResin sold the magazine, and we continue working with it creating advertisements, catalogs and a website for MojoResin Model Kits.

Cinefantastique Magazine Group: We had a long professional association with this national film magazine publishing house. A bit technophobic, the owner didn't have the equipment or the staff in place to scan in photos for reproduction, so for years we did all the sizing and cropping of photos for their best-selling magazine Femme Fatales (as well as an occassional issue of the company's parent magazine, Cinefantastique). At the peak of our involvement, we were doing 15 issues of FF a year and an occasional issue of CFQ.

When the company converted from its AM Varityper systems to an Mac environment we took on the role of hardware and software purchasing consultants. We analyzed their needs and made recommendations for purchases and upgrades. We also provided on-site support when production employees took vacations we filled their staff positions. After the publisher's death, the family sold the magazines, and the offices were moved to Los Angeles.


American Fantasy: This was our own award-winning magazine. We designed the magazine including all collateral material, (subscription solicitations, in-house advertising, subscription advertising, advertising for advertisers—well, you get the idea). A ground-breaking publication in the field that was often imitated by later magazines. American Fantasy is long gone, but we use the name for our specialty press.

Gameplay Magazine. Robert Garcia was hired as Art Director, but the magazine folded and he was transferred to the game company, Mayfair Games.

Filmfax: We supplied typesetting for one issue for this successful film magazine. One-time piece work.

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